Child Psychologist Brisbane

Child Psychologist Brisbane

At Nest Psychology, our child psychologists are experienced and dedicated. They love seeing kids thrive!

What is a child psychologist?

Psychologists work with children and young people and their families. They are specialists in the development and behaviour of children and in child and adolescent psychology. Psychologists have a degree in psychology and also post graduate qualifications in clinical psychology (usually a Masters or a PhD). Before becoming a psychologist, they will complete at least 6 years of university study.

Why do children see child psychologists?

Children are referred for lots of different reasons and sometimes a combination of
reasons, such as:

  • Physical problems, e.g. headaches, stomach aches
  • Emotional problems like stress, anxiety and depression
  • Behavioural problems like tantrums, school refusal, sleep difficulties
  • Bullying, and
  • Big life changes (divorce, bereavement)
What will happen at the first appointment?

This will depend on the reason your child has been referred. Generally, the psychologist will just see the parents (or one parent) during the first appointment so that they can get a good understanding of the background of the problem. The psychologist usually asks questions about your child’s development, things that are happening at home, and about the family generally. These questions help your psychologist to understand the problem and to work out why it is there and what has kept it going. The length of the first session is 50 minutes. The child may come in for the last 10 minutes to familiarise them with the environment. In the next session, the psychologist usually sees your child. The aim is to find out what your child is good at and what he or she finds difficult.

Does my child spend time with a psychologist by themselves?

If your child is old enough, he or she will normally be asked to see the psychologist alone at some point. Our psychologists will seek to ensure that your child feels comfortable before asking you to wait in the waiting room.

Will all the family be seen together?

The psychologist will usually want to see the referred child and parent/ caregivers together for some of the session.

What about confidentiality?

We treat the information you give us with utmost confidentiality. We do not give private information about your child to schools or other agencies without asking for your permission first, unless we are required by law or if there is risk of harm to someone in your family. A letter will go to the person that referred your child to let them know what we are doing to resolve your child’s problem. A copy is usually sent to your G.P. If you are
worried about confidentiality, please talk to us. If we see your child individually, we will also tell them that we will keep our conversation private. Your child will be encouraged to tell you in their own words about what was discussed in session.

What sort of therapy will be offered?

After your first visit, and after your child has been assessed, you will usually meet with the psychologist to agree on the approach that best suits your child. The psychologist will then work with you towards resolving this difficulty. The therapy will vary from talking things through, to working out practical strategies that you can use to resolve the problem. No therapy that can harm your child will be used.
Psychologists do not prescribe medication.

How do you make therapy interesting or fun for my child?

Our child psychologists will build activities around your child’s’ interests. The types of materials we have include a doll house, craft materials, sensory sand, toy animals, games and story books. Teenagers usually like to talk, but they can also enjoy drawing too.

What do I tell my child?

It is useful to prepare your child for their first visit. Please explain that the Psychologist is there to help children and their families by talking and listening, playing and/ or drawing. They will work out things you can do at home to help the problem go away. Please explain to your child that the Psychologist sees lots of children who have similar difficulties.

How often does my child have to see the psychologist?

The number of appointments varies from one to 12 over a period of weeks or months. We will generally see children for 10 sessions. You will decide with the child psychologist how often the appointments will be.

How can I book my child in to see one of your child psychologists?

You can book through our website, by calling 07 3371 9998 or by emailing We would love to hear from you!

If you or a loved one would like to see a child psychologist Brisbane please contact Nest Psychology