Fees and Rebates

At Nest Psychology we strive to keep our costs affordable so all families can access support. As well as offering private sessions, we can subsidise treatment under the following funding streams:

  1. Mental Health Care Plans from GPs. This enables you to obtain up to 10 sessions per calendar year.
  2. Private Health Insurance. Rebates vary from insurer to insurer and you can take our invoice to your insurer to obtain a rebate.
  3. NDIS. We welcome children with self managed NDIS funding.

Fees from 1st October, 2022

  • Counselling sessions are 50 minutes long and cost $220 (registered psychologist) and $250 (clinical psychologist) for clinic appointments.
  • Out-of-hours counselling sessions (after 5pm, weekends and public holidays) cost $230 (registered psychologist) and $260 (clinical psychologist) for clinic appointments.
  • Perinatal home visits (50 mins) are $245 (registered psychologist) and $275 (clinical psychologist).
  • School and kindy visits (50 mins) are $245 (registered psychologist) and $275 (clinical psychologist).
  • Educational assessment packages to determine learning profiles of primary aged children. After a parent intake session of $250, we charge a fee of $1950 for a full battery of testing including meeting with intelligence and achievement-based testing, a comprehensive report and feedback session with the parents.
  • Counselling sessions with our Provisional Psychologists are $100 per appointment ($120 after hours) and do not attract a rebate from Medicare or Private Health.
  • We charge a fee of $1500 for comprehensive educational assessments with our Provisional Psychologists.
  • For psychology visits away from the clinic, travel cost is calculated based on the time taken for your psychologist. For NDIS treatment, this is based on the prorata fee. For perinatal clients, the fee is $25 per half hour.

If your GP writes you (or your child) a Mental Health Care Plan, your out-of-pocket cost will be reduced. The rebates are as follows:

Appointment Type

Medicare Rebate
In clinic $92.90 with our registered psychologists $136.35 with our clinical psychologists
Outreach (your home, school, kindy or child care) $116.65 with our registered psychologists $159.55 with our clinical psychologists

To obtain a mental health care plan from your GP

 Step 1

Visit your GP who will determine if you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan, based on your symptoms and personal circumstances. Book a “long consultation” with your GP as the preparation of a Mental Health Care Plan can take 30-40 minutes.

 Step 2

Initially, you will be referred for up to six therapy sessions.

 Step 3

If more sessions are needed, you can return to your GP for a Mental Health Review.

 Step 4

If your GP believes that you would benefit from more therapy, your GP will approve another 4 sessions.


Who can get a mental health care plan?

A GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician is able to write a mental health care plan for you or your child for a referral to a psychologist. To be eligible for a mental health care plan, your doctor will determine if your emotional, social and/or cognitive difficulties would benefit from structured support from a psychologist. Book a long appointment with your doctor.

What do you get with a mental health care plan?

A mental health care plan entitles you to 6 sessions with a psychologist at reduced fees. After a GP review, you may be entitled to 4 more sessions if they think you would benefit from more treatment. After this, you may return to request a further 10 sessions, if needed.

How many sessions can I get with a mental health care plan?

The maximum about of subsidised sessions allowed per calendar year is 10.

How long does a session run for?

Treatment sessions run for 50 minutes. If a psychologist comes to you, or visits a school or other setting, sessions also last for 50 minutes (from when they arrive). Travel time will not eat into your psychology time.

What happens after my mental health care plan runs out?

If you still require therapy after your mental health care plan runs out, you can keep accessing therapy. Many private health insurers offer rebates for psychological treatment. Check with your own private health care provider.

How often do I need to see my GP with a mental health care plan?

Your GP will need to see you after your 6th appointment to complete a review, which they forward to your psychologist. Also, your GP will see you after your treatment finishes.

My family is on a very low income and we can't afford the out-of-pocket fees. What options do I have?

At Nest Psychology, we are committed to ensuring that our fees are affordable so that all families can access support if they need it. However, if you can’t afford any gap fee, it would be worth speaking to your GP about other psychology programs (such as ATAPS) that support families in need at low or no cost.

Can I use Medicare (Mental Health Care Plan) and Private Health rebates together?

No. You would need to use them at different times. For example, you could use Medicare rebates for the first 10 sessions, and then if further treatment is needed, you could use your private health fund rebates to subsidise further sessions.

Can I see a psychologist without a mental health care plan?

Of course. You are able to book an appointment at any time. If you have private health insurance, you may be entitled to rebates off the full fees.

What are Medicare Safety Net thresholds and how do they reduce my out-of-pocket spend?

For individuals, once you have spent over $440.80 per financial year on eligible medical services, your Medicare rebate goes up. This will reduce your out-of-pocket expense. Individuals don’t need to register for the Medicare Safety Net as Medicare will automatically provide a higher rebate once you become eligible.

For families, once you have collectively spent $2000, your Medicare rebate goes up. This will reduce your out-of-pocket expense. Families need to remember to register all family members in order to qualify for this fee reduction (phone 132 011).

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. We require at least 48 hours’ notice for cancellations and reschedules. This gives us enough time to fill your appointment with a waitlisted client.


fees to change or cancel an appointment if you give us at least 48 hours notice.


charge if 24-48 hours notice is given.

Full fees charged

if less than 24 hours notice is given.

Please note that Medicare does not offer rebates for cancelled appointments.