Nest psychologists are trained to complete psycho-educational assessments to identify intelligence, learning differences (e.g. learning disorders and giftedness) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
We can also assess for autism – scroll down page for more info about autism assessments.

Who might benefit from a psycho-educational assessment?

  • School aged children who are struggling with their learning overall
  • School aged children who have specific difficulties with reading, writing or maths
  • Children with memory or attention difficulties
  • Children with behavioural difficulties, such as sitting still or having frequent anger outbursts
  • Children with social difficulties

What is a psycho-educational report?

  • Its a long report that tells you all about your child’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses, compared with their peers.
  • Recommendations are provided to help parents and teachers understand how to optimise learning and behaviour.
  • This information can help teachers to give children the best support possible throughout their schooling, including suggestions about modifications that can be made at school and home.

What is the assessment process?

  • Parents or guardians meet with your Nest psychologist for 50 minutes to talk about about your child (development, strengths and difficulties). After this, your psychologist will recommend a ‘battery of testing’.
  • Standardised psychometric questionnaires may be emailed to parents and teachers,
  • Your child spends 2-3 ninety minute sessions with a psychologist doing a series of tests (generally, on the iPad). Kids find them to be quite fun. Game-like tests assess verbal skills, processing speed, working memory, maths skills and oral ability.
  • Our commonly used tests are the Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) and the Wesschler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT).
  • A 50 minute feedback session with the parents (and child, if deemed appropriate) where your psychologist explains their findings and answers your questions.

How much does it cost?

  • A full psycho-educational assessment and report package costs $2000.

Are there any rebates?

If a child has a Mental Health Care Plan, they can claim a rebate for the initial and feedback sessions only, where $88.25 per session would be rebated by Medicare.

For existing clients: it’s the exact same process, however you do not need the initial session. Instead, the psychologist would go straight into testing and then feedback.

To book in a psycho-educational assessment for your child, please call 07 3371 9998.

Assessment for autism

  • Our psychologists are skilled at identifying autism in children.
  • As well as a detailed developmental interview with parents, psychologists observe children’s behaviour and score parent and teacher questionnaires.
  • Typical tests used are the Brown Executive Functioning/Attention Scales, Vineland/Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System or the Social Responsiveness Scale. Tests are carefully selected according to your child’s presentation and age.
  • The results are used to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  A comprehensive report is written for you, which will include suggestions about treatment to optimise your child’s development.

Assessment and brief report package

What’s included?

  • the initial intake and developmental history session with parents (50 min),
  • clinical observations of your child (2 x 50 min)
  • analysis of standardised questionnaires by parents and teachers
  • comprehensive report for you and the school
  • a feedback session with the parents (and child, if deemed appropriate)

How much does it cost?

  • An autism assessment and report package costs $1500.
  • If a school visit is required, $200 (plus travel time of $25/30 mins travel)
  • An Autism assessment and NDIS report package costs $1900.
  • An Autism/ NDIS and cognitive assessment and report package costs $2200.

Are there any rebates?

MHCPs from GPs can’t be used for assessments so these fees are private; but if a Paediatrician refers for assessment under item 135 we can rebate up to 4 assessment sessions with the rest of the fees being full-fee private.

To book in an autism assessment for your child, please call 07 3371 9998.