Louisa Mason

BA Scien (Psychology)(Hons), M.Psych (Ed and Dev). MAPS

What is your work background?

I have worked with teens in schools in various roles. This work involved counselling and educating students about relationships, mental wellbeing, and resilience. This work sparked a passion to study developmental psychology and become better equipped to support children and their families grow stronger in their relationships, feel equipped to handle the challenges of life, the complexity of emotions, and difficulties in relationships.

I also have eight years of experience working with people with disabilities, including working with neurodivergent children and their families in both counselling and in assessment capacities.

Why do you like working with perinatal clients, parents and families?

Through my own experiences of becoming a becoming a mother, I have become increasingly passionate about supporting mothers both as parents and as women. I value being a part of the process of supporting women as they transition into motherhood and find their feet in the highs and lows of mothering, and in the first few years post-partum.

I enjoy working in this space because I feel like it creates a space where women can reflect, feel empowered, and have much needed conversations that give them clarity. Therapy is a great space to reflect on needs, strengths, family history, and to pinpoint and explore patterns of feeling, thinking, or relating that might be contributing to overwhelm, frustration, anxiety or low mood.

I also enjoy working with families and seeing bonds strengthen, behaviour patterns change for children, and mysteries solved about why some children are finding some things hard.

What is your therapy approach?

My therapy approach is relational. I’m here to build a connection with clients, and together, to work through complex emotions, different mental states, and relationship challenges. I’m here to support clients through challenging and stressful transition times. My approach is trauma informed, and is based on an understanding of the importance of our attachment relationships.

What are your strengths?

I value warmth and safety in therapy, and I am a people person. I have a genuine interest in people, in their families and in their lives. I believe therapy is a collaboration, and aim to create an environment where I am working together with you on your goals. My values in therapy include compassion, creativity, flexibility, and respect.

What do you do in your spare time?

On my days off, if I get a spare minute, I love to curl up with a book and a quiet cuppa. Otherwise, I love being in nature, in the bush, by a creek or in the park with the kids and our 2- year-old pup. I aspire to be a gardener. I love food, time with family, and the occasional adventure somewhere new.