Sarah Edwards

Sarah has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) and a Master of Psychology (Educational & Developmental)

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What is your work background?

I have come to psychology later in life after a long period of working as a medical scientist. I have always loved science, but I missed working in a role that was people-facing. I started studying psychology soon after having my second child. I have had the pleasure of learning and applying what I have learnt in real-time – motherhood has been both a wonderful and humbling teacher! Psychology is the perfect blend of science and working with people and I feel incredibly lucky to have a job that I love.

I have worked with children, adolescents, adults, parents, parents-to-be with a variety of mood and anxiety disorders, challenges in relationships and difficulties adjusting to change. My therapeutic work is informed by attachment theory and developmental frames using evidence-based treatment modalities.

Why do you like working with perinatal clients, adolescents and families?

I love working with perinatal clients because research tells us that by providing psychological support in this period, parents are better equipped to get their own emotional needs met and consequently, are better equipped to meet the emotional needs of their child/ren. Importantly, this leads to long-lasting positive impacts on a child’s development. Further, working with perinatal clients often involves supporting a parent to reflect and make sense of their own experiences of being parented. Providing a safe space to explore those experiences is one of my passions.

I love getting to know adolescents in a gentle and strengths-based way. I try to keep their treatment client centred while also carefully balancing their age, developmental stage, and consent to involve parents and schools as required. Adolescence can be a really messy, hard and confusing time and it’s for those reasons that I love working within this developmental stage.

Much like my perinatal work, my focus in working with families is on helping family members understand themselves and each other. When this work fosters connection and vitality in family relationships, it is deeply rewarding.

What are your strengths?

I think I bring a warm and genuine curiosity to my clients and value building trust and safety in our relationship above all else. I also value fun and laughter – you will often hear my loud (sorry) laugh from the therapy room!

Affectionately known amongst friends and colleagues as ‘the networker’, if I need to facilitate a referral to a specialist medical service, another service provider or educational service, I often know where to send you or, who to ask to help us. I also love to work in an integrated way with other professionals to make sure that you receive consistent and holistic care.

What do you like to do in your free time?

True to my extrovert nature, I’m pretty social and love catching up with friends. I also love reading and going to book club, going to the gym (have just restarted – ouch!) and I love walking our dog (1 year old Groodle, Benny) while listening to podcasts (usually about psychology)!

I also love going on our boat with my family or spending time adventuring outdoors. On a quieter day, my kids and I also love watching funny dog and cat videos together! They never fail to make us laugh.