Alannah Brown

Alannah has a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology. She is a registered Circle of Security Parent Educator.

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What is your work background?

I have spent my time as a psychologist working with children, adolescents, and their families who are experiencing severe and complex mental health difficulties. Since 2015, I have worked in Child and Youth Mental Health Services (CYMHS), and have more recently worked with adolescents and their families with significant mood, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. My other previous roles have included working within schools, with new parents within Child Health, and with gender diverse young people and their families.

Why do you like working with children and families?

I love supporting  young people and those who care for them, and aim to work with all the strengths that can be forgotten when things get tough. Adolescence can be a complicated time, however it is also this amazing and complex time of figuring out who you are, and who you aren’t! Being a new parent is sometimes quite a similar journey, while juggling the new relationship with your little person.  Navigating these times can sometimes require a helping hand, and psychologists can be those hands. Asking for help can be hard, and if a young person seeks help and feels understood and supported, they are much more likely to continue asking for help as an adult.

What are your strengths?

Building safe, warm, and comfortable relationships with the people I work with. I could be a great psychologist, but without that relationship, sessions will be tough going. I work from an attachment framework, applying different therapy strategies depending on who I’m working with, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy, mentalisation-based therapy, mindfulness, and family systems theory. Creating an inclusive space is very important to me, and I am experienced in working with LGBTQIAP+ young people and their families. I am also a trained Circle of Security-Parent facilitator.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Spending time with my wife and daughter, going to the beach, pretending I have my own cooking show, and listening to music. I used to think I was cool and play guitar in bands, but now I think being a mum (while super tough), is just about as cool as it gets. Minus the banana in my hair.