Adele O’Hare

Adele completed degrees in arts, journalism and psychology before completing Honours in Psychology and a Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental).

Adele is a registered Circle of Security Parenting facilitator and has also completed training and supervised practice in the intensive Circle of Security intervention. Adele has trained with Psychology for a Safe Climate towards recognition as a Climate Aware Practitioner.

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What is your work background?

I’ve always been a big-picture thinker and a writer, and I’ve worked as a journalist and as an advisor on social policy issues. I found my true passion in psychology because I love supporting people and their relationships. My therapeutic work is informed by the Circle of Security model of working with attachment relationships, mentalizing interventions, psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness, and emotion-focused therapy.

I have worked with parents, parents-to-be, adults, adolescents, children, and grandparents on mood, anxiety, behavioural and relationship struggles. I have experience working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and with neurodiversity. I foster a balance of courage and compassion in the therapy process, recognising that we all struggle and can be supported to grow towards greater security and integration.

Why do you like working with perinatal clients, children and families?

Our attachments are formed in our first year of life and continue to be shaped by our experiences in relationships. Expecting a baby and adjusting to parenthood can be times of big feelings and struggles that can be connected to our own early experiences. I find it rewarding to help individuals and families in this stage of heightened possibility and potential.

I enjoy getting to know individual children and families through art and play, and sharing stories and fun conversations with them. When I work with children I also engage their caregivers as part of the therapy process, and I find this can be incredibly fruitful. I love going on the Circle of Security journey with parents.

As someone who is interested in the whole lifespan of human development, I am also happy to work with adolescents and adults of any age with mental health, wellbeing and relationship concerns.

What are your strengths?

I bring a warm, genuine curiosity to my interactions with people, and I take the time to build a relationship of trust and safety. Therapy with me involves an experience of being-with and a process of reflective dialogue that helps people explore new possibilities.

My work incorporates an understanding of the layered and interacting systems around individuals. Drawing on my research and training in climate psychology, I can hold space for people’s emotional responses to climate change. I celebrate diversity and work to foster social justice.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I tend to start each day with coffee with my husband, followed by yoga – preferably in the garden. I love visiting the beach and the rainforest with my family, and I always notice my cup is much fuller after catching up with friends and having a laugh.